Five Link Building Strategies For SEO

Most search engine optimization and Internet marketing people will tell you that building links back to your site from other sites is now one of, if not THE most important thing you can do for your site’s organic listing success.  Personally, I feel that a site that itself is not properly optimized using best practices rules is not really going to serve your needs in the long run, and I consistently get great results for my clients in the organic listings with little or no back-links when I am brought in. Continue reading “Five Link Building Strategies For SEO”

Adobe Flash and SEO (by Alan Bleiweiss)

Mark – I have no problem with anyone challenging my perspective. The problem though is that you really don’t know and are not stating facts. You’re actually mis-understanding both how businesses thrive and grow as well as who the market is for search optimization. Continue reading “Adobe Flash and SEO (by Alan Bleiweiss)”

Adobe Flash and SEO – the latest marketing hype – don’t be fooled

So Adobe and Google have announced that Google is now crawling and Indexing Flash content.  You can read Vanessa Fox’s write up with details here at search engine land.  This is yet the latest attempt by Adobe to snow-job designers and developers.  Continue reading “Adobe Flash and SEO – the latest marketing hype – don’t be fooled”

8 Steps to optimize your blog for SEO

I previously wrote a blog post on my opinion of the Google AdWords Content network.  In that post last July, I made an unequivocal statement position that anyone managing a Google AdWords account should avoid the content network at all costs.  At the time, my experience managing client accounts with budgets upwards of a few hundred thousand dollars a year, showed that it was a waste of valuable client money… Continue reading “8 Steps to optimize your blog for SEO”

White Hat SEO Fundamentals


It’s been over a year since I created this page, so it’s time to be updated. Just about everything in the original post still applies, yet it’s important to address my direct experience in optimization on client sites of all sizes and shapes and reflect my findings here as a result. Continue reading “White Hat SEO Fundamentals”

Why Google Analytics (and all other similar solutions) is flawed


As the resident SEO and SEM expert at WebSight Design, Inc., I am responsible for managing the search engine optimization efforts for all of our over 600 web sites. At WSD, our clients range from the smallest sole proprietors to Carlos Santana, Sammy Hagar, and the band Tool. The vast majority – over 90% of our clients, either can’t afford full-on SEO work, or don’t yet understand the importance of this aspect of business marketing strategy. As we continue to help educate our clients, at the very least, we provide basic SEO services – keyword research, proper “under-the-hood” and on-page content seeding, and more recently, providing sitemap.xml files (to help Google, Yahoo, and soon MSN to better index entire web sites). Continue reading “Why Google Analytics (and all other similar solutions) is flawed”

Upside down mentality – why giving your site a fresh look can do more harm than good.

Having a web site redesigned from time to time can be a good thing.  Maybe your visitors will see a fresh look and think they should spend more time on the site.  Maybe you’ve come up with a way to better organize the flow of information, or make the site experience more intuitive to use. Continue reading “Upside down mentality – why giving your site a fresh look can do more harm than good.”


As people we manage the search engine optimization and search marketing initiatives for many clients, big and small. Quite often we inherit web sites built by someone else, and most of the time when that happens, I almost cringe at the keywords and page titles used. Too often someone didn’t understand the importance of properly selecting the best possible keywords or properly seeding page titles and meta tags for search optimization. Continue reading “SEO FUNDAMENTALS LESSON 1 PAGE TITLES AND META TAGS”