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As you probably know – selling products or services online requires an ecommerce software or platform. Luckily for all of you who are looking for an ecommerce platform, there are so many good solutions out there, however, choosing one isn’t so easy or simple. You need to make an effort, in order to choose the best option for your online business.

The process of selling online has significantly changed and today, there are a few functions and features that you must own in order to sell your items online. A few years ago, mobile ecommerce wasn’t so popular or important, but today, every good platform should make selling on a tablet or on a smartphone pretty simple.

Having troubles choosing a proper ecommerce solutions provider? Don’t worry as you are not the only one. Luckily for you, you are at the right place and we are here to help you out. There are 3 crucial questions you need to ask when choosing an ecommerce solutions provider:

1. How much will it cost – The ecommerce businesses come in different sizes and each business has its own budget. The ecommerce platforms and solutions come in different price ranges as well. You have two options – you can run an open-source and free ecommerce platform and pay nothing or you can use a hosted ecommerce solution and pay a monthly fee. Please keep in mind that you need a basic knowledge and design skills, if you want to use the first option. Also, you need to estimate exactly how much will it cost to use an open-source platform, pay for your own hosting and domain name and how much will it cost to use a hosted ecommerce solution.

2. How long will it take to get started – There are some ecommerce solutions that might take a few months to deploy while there are other software-as-a-service or SaaS ecommerce platforms that can be set up and launch an online store in a matter of hours. Knowing how soon the ecommerce site will be up and exactly how much development time you can invest in the project is of a great importance. You need to find an ecommerce solution that will be completely ready when the rest of your online business is ready.

3. Will it look professional and function well? If you want to run a successful online store and you probably do, you should know that that type of store should look and function great. Online shoppers, especially the first-time shoppers need to have confidence in you, trust your brand, and site aesthetics are the main indicator of trust. In the ecommerce world, having a website that functions perfectly and also looks modern and professional usually means that you have a website you can customize and control. You need to look for live websites running on a platform as many of the ecommerce solutions provider will have a gallery or a list of customers. These things are very important when selecting an ecommerce platform.

A reliable and professional ecommerce solutions provider should easily connect to a blog, work well with content, allows for photos and videos on product detail pages, allow you to associate products with all kinds of articles, and etc. In other words, a great ecommerce solutions provider is a provider that will help you to build a successful and prosperous online business and give you a chance to develop and grow!

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