Adobe Flash and SEO (by Alan Bleiweiss)

Mark – I have no problem with anyone challenging my perspective. The problem though is that you really don’t know and are not stating facts. You’re actually mis-understanding both how businesses thrive and grow as well as who the market is for search optimization.

First, unless a company has massive budgeting for other advertising and marketing channels (radio, TV, Billboards, Sponsorship of events, Contests, Giveaways, etc etc etc…) or unless all their business already comes from word of mouth, how is a small business supposed to compete in today’s market? They can’t. They’d go out of business.

If that wasn’t true, when we were growing up, you would most definitely not have seen the Yellow Pages books on every doorstep in America.

Well today, the Yellow Pages have moved digital. And the actual yellow pages sites only get a tiny fraction of activity compared to Google.

People who use Google are not dumb, ignorant and stupid people who just type in random words hoping to find what they are looking for.

In fact, when someone types in any of the keyword phrases that I get my clients onto the first page of Google for, that person is in fact a very highly qualified prospective client or customer, because they know what they want and they know that just typing in random words will not bring them accurate search results.

Companies that use only Flash that don’t need SEO fall into three categories:

1. They’re a major company already, with massive amounts of advertising expense and market share that they don’t need or care about SEO.

2. They are very limited niche market web sites with an extremely limited visitor base and they are good at getting free publicity or articles written up for them within that niche market community.

3. They are a vanity / brand identity site and not a site made for getting new business.

Okay so fine -there are a LOT of sites like that. But that’s not my market. I help business owners who need new customers or new clients.

You are beyond wildly mis-guided if you think that most small and mid-size business relies on 90% repeat sales. But lets pretend you’re not. Let’s pretend for a minute that Joe Business Owner – who just opened up his business and doesn’t already have any clients or customers will some how magically get that 90% repeat business without having to do anything other than open up shop.

Even in that crazy scenario, what about the other 10% of business? How are they supposed to find that company? Some might ask others – “Hey – who sold you those great shoes…” or they might break out the yellow pages book that’s sitting next to their land-line phone (that most of us don’t even have anymore thank you very much due to cell phones)…

Well some will use the web. And most of those, if they want a local company to provide them with local services, or who want to hire a professional consultant or a contractor or a doctor, or buy a house, or find a place to hold their wedding, or get a web site built, or hire a photographer, or any of a zillion other things they might want, will do so by going to Google and doing a search.

And because I have been doing this for fourteen years Mark, and I have had clients in all types of businesses, I know for a fact that those web sites result in sales because of Google organic (non-sponsored) search listings.

If you don’t believe me, go to my blog’s “Sample First Page Google Results” link at the top of my blog. Scroll down to those web sites I showcase. Go to those web sites. Call the owners of those companies.

And ask them – hey – did you get any business from this? Or has Alan been ripping you off all these months and years?

See what they say.

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